Saturday, February 12, 2011

SHOTGUN LULLABIES: Stories & Poems by Sheree Renée Thomas

My first short story and poetry chapbook, SHOTGUN LULLABIES, is available now from Aqueduct Press (Seattle, WA)!

It is Volume 28 in their award-winning "Conversation Pieces Series."

Here is a link to it on the Aqueduct Press website:
Aqueduct Press is pleased to announce...
And yes, that's a John Biggers painting on the cover! Whoohoo, love his art and his discussion on the symbolism of the "shotgun" house.

All Best,

Check back here for readings and other event updates for Sheree ON THE ROAD!

Read my new essay, "On Black Literature & Battle Flags" in the debut of the literary magazine, *The Cascadian Subduction Zone*

Read my short story in *80! Memories & Reflections on Ursula K. Le Guin* (Aqueduct Press, available now!)

*Dark Matter: Reading the Bones* (volume 2 of the Dark Matter anthologies)
(Warner Aspect Books/now Hachette) Winner of the World Fantasy Award, 2005

*Dark Matter: A Century of Speculative Fiction from the African Diaspora*
(Warner Aspect Books/now Hachette) Winner of the World Fantasy Award, 2001
*New York Times* Notable Book of the Year

Sheree featured in OUR TIMES PRESS (Harlem, NYC) 

Sheree @ FREEDOM TRAIN Productions - Post Apocalyptic: New Freedoms, New Communities (Brooklyn, NYC) 


Sheree @ THE FIRE THIS TIME - performing in Derek Lee McPhatter's CITIZEN JANE (Horse Trade Theater, New York, NYC) 


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Blogger cdeflip said...

Ms. Thomas,
This isn't so much a comment as it is a heads up and thank you.

I discuss your book "Dark Matter: A Century of Speculative Fiction from the African Diaspora," in my latest DeFlip Side radio show, "Science Fiction in Black," which celebrates Black History Month by charting the milestones of black achievement and representation in the SF&F genres.

Needless to say, your book was an enormous help, and I have provided a link to it on my blog. I'd love to have your thoughts on the segment if you'd like to weigh in. You can listen to the show at

Whether you do so or not, I just wanted to thank you for providing the only reference work I was able to find on the subject.

Best of luck with your future writing projects.

Christopher DeFilippis
Host, DeFlip Side

2/21/2011 4:41 PM  
Blogger Sheree Renée Thomas said...

Dear Christopher,

Thanks so much for the heads up and sharing the info about your show! It is very exciting to have the work by these amazing writers still being discussed over ten years after Warner published the anthology. I had hoped readers would enjoy it as much as I did, and it's been wonderful seeing all of the new work that's out. Keep me posted on your latest programs!

All Best,

5/06/2011 9:59 AM  

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