Friday, May 27, 2011

Mo' WisCon 35 - Opening Ceremonies, Mermaids, and Such

Fine beautiful people, it is nonstop here at WisCon, nonstop, so I'm taking a few minutes of solitary time before heading to the *rest* of the evening's scheduled programming!

This includes bustin' a move or two at the Carl Brandon Society's party, crashing the Consuite since I haven't managed to *get there* since we arrived (good grief, and how is this possible?), and heading to Pan Morigan's voice workshop, before hiding in a corner so I can write. Whew!

Here are some highlights from the day, totally random, as the day's early festivities are fading fast and folks get ready (aka - massive partymakin') for the real throw down -- the actual programming -- begins bright and early tomorrow morning.

Random Things from WisCon 35:

GoH Nisi Shawl is a mermaid from a Mid-Western town...
GoH Nisi's sister looks fabulous in Michael Jackson's glittery glove!

There are at least *55* self-identified people of color at this year's con (not counting the children and teens) - Wow!

The POC Dinner is a wonderful tradition, thank you!

THE SALT ROADS by Nalo Hopkinson was inspired in part by African fractals (thanks, Ian!)

Orange Mike brings joy to the world...

WisCon planners (and attendees) think of damn near everything!  ("Show Your Lips" signs and swirly, ringing talking sticks)

Victor Raymond is now forever known as "He Who Gets Things Done!"

Margaritas and The Angry Black Woman are an AWESOME mix!

Mary Anne Mohanraj is incredibly humble--this woman can build an institution in her sleep and still not miss a beat

Remember the hip "Librarian" doll?  Well, two fab folks have inspired me to add "Bookseller" and "Woman Scientist" to the collection... 

Michaelangelo's has decent keylime pie, but there is a Cold Stone on State Street...there is a Cold Stone on State Street...

My daughter rocks.  'Nuff said.


Blogger Nalo said...

My thanks to Ian, too. And I have a black woman astronaut doll.

5/28/2011 5:16 PM  
Blogger Sheree Renée Thomas said...

Nalo, when are you going to do a show of all your art? The dolls, original fabric designs, and sculptures and such? I've not yet had a chance to visit Toronto but I'd come to see that! Whooots! Just remembered that you're in California now--congrats!

10/14/2011 10:48 AM  

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